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Despite the somewhat intimidating nature of POV's text-interface, it really is not difficult to start producing worthwhile results, and substantial precision offered by its format makes it the class of the object renderers reviewed here. Most entrants in The Internet Ray Tracing Competition use POV-Ray, and for now it is my renderer of choice.

Note POV-Ray is completely free -- I highly recommend those interested in raytracing take the time to download it and learn its syntax.

thumbnail A souvenir waterbottle for the Low-Key Hillclimbs. (25 Sep 2008)
thumbnail Cylindrical AXFET : This is a simple rendition of a cylindrical-gate AXFET. A metal S/D is connected to the Si channel with a thin (rendered green) passivation layer. The focus device is cut-away. This is part of my return to POV after a long absence. (08 Feb 2007)
thumbnail Inspired by the 2007 Low-Key Hillclimbs, dice and coins rest atop a crystalline pillar which extends into the sky. The pillar: the mountain, the dice: the luck of cycling, the coins: its value. My first worthwhile POV project after a long absence. (16 Jan 2007)(updated 26 Aug 2008)

Capture the Night II : This is variation on my first project in POV-Ray, which was a close rework of a similar scene rendered in Ray Dream Studio. This one uses the spark generator credited in the Alto Velo image. The moon is captured by Clarkian monoliths on some unknown location while the Earth shines unmolested in the nighttime sky. The cage superstructure is the latest addition to this image (rerender 11 Apr 1998 with adaptive supersampling -- 20 hours!!!).

A less-compressed version was submitted to the Internet Ray Tracing Competition for the April 1998 (Night) round. It scored 12.52 points (20 maximum) to place 29th out of 131 images. Voter comments are available from the contest web site.

thumbnail Alto Velo : POV Project #2, and the first to use text: This is a variation on the Alto Velo Cycling Club logo. The mountain was generated using a height field done with Bryce 3D. The lightning was done with the spark generator available at The Pile POV-Ray Archive. The rest is pure POV-Ray... nothing fancy.
thumbnail Baseball: The ball is mapped to a sphere from a GIF from the Worth web site... other objects are all pure POV (29 Jun 98). A less compressed version was entered in the June 1998 (Nature) round of the Internet Ray Tracing Competition, where it got hammered by the voters, placing 85th out of 112 entries. Clearly my assetion that baseball was the "natural" sport didn't fly... :)
thumbnail Epi: ordered GeSi deposited via diborane-doped chemical vapor deposition from germane and silane sources in lamp-heated quartz reactor. Modeling : POV using a blob, halo, fog, and some CSG. This is version 6 of this image.... it had to be rendered in two parts because the whole lattice couldn't be stored in 128 MB memory at once. Nevertheless, it took 4 CPU days to render. (16 Aug 98)

A less compressed version of this image was submitted to the 30 Aug 1998 (Elements) Internet Ray Tracing Competition where it placed 34/109 (full tabulated results, text file, source code (zip), voter comments).
thumbnail Drivetrain: A closeup view of the rear portion of the drivetrain, modeled in all CSG. Note there is a flaw in the derailler due to the simple modeling used there -- te partition in the ellipsoids is quite clear. This is the second revision rendered since I finished the bike model... it was rerendered using radiosity, which really added richness to the shadows, and in a vertical aspect (08 Aug 1998).
thumbnail Chain Animation: A 27 frame GIF to test my chain routing algorithm (16 Jun 98).
thumbnail Bike : Work on this has been delayed by other projects (see above), but I am finally finished. Cables and housings are in place, with the valuable help of Ron Parker's "torpatch.inc" 3.1 macro. This version is a rerendering with different lighting, radiosity on, and a different camera position (20 Aug 98).
thumbnail Bike Front: This is another view of the bike.... the lighting on this rendering could perhaps use some work. This version was done with radiosity, my first attempt at this. This rendering corrects a minor error in the rear brake cable routing (17 Aug 98).
thumbnail Bike Shop : This is a very early version of my bike shop. Clearly there is still a lot to do -- it's way too empty. For example -- no bikes! The wrench is from Bill Fleming's work. The phone and clock are from the POV Object Collection. The poster is a seriously hacked photo. The rest is CSG with some help from sPatch for the crank arm and rags. More to follow... Version 6 -- texture adjustments, yellow pages added : 01 Dec 1998
thumbnail Truing Stand : This is detail from the current version (as of posting date) of my bike shop scene. All objects are hand-coded by me except for the phone, which is modified slightly by the phone object at The Twysted.net POV Objects Collection. It remains a work in progress. (version 3 -- see bikeshop.jpg : 04 Dec 1998)
thumbnail Flame : This is the result of an experiment I did for the last IRTC round. Rendering time was 31 hours due to the high sampling rate used in the media (1000 media intervals). This remains a work in progress, and in that spirit the source code is also available. This is the second version posted here. (03 Oct 1998)